Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The next leap

Three hundred years ago there was a country which was contributing 1/4th of the global gross domestic product. Every country in the world was envious of this part of the world. The country was blessed with vast natural resources. The country had a pleasant climatic condition with beautiful scenary. However, the country had lacked in securing its resources due to mismanagement.

The mismanagement has led the country to become a slave. The country was ruled by foreigners for centuries. Eventhen, the country has never lost its individuality. A few leaders understood that it is collective management (Democracy) that is the best way to manage. These leaders have a special place in the history of the nation.

Post 18th century the country deviated from its exploratory path and started adopting foreign principles. This has resulted in the decline of the country's contribution towards GDP which currently attributes to less than 1%. However, the wheel has already started rotating and the country has started to progress. This time technology has acted as a catalyst for the growth of the nation.

But as the world experienced credit crunch, the country is also experiencing slowdown in business. When I talked to a westener regarding the situation, I was told that this is the right time to sow the seed for future growth. Investment guru Buffet once mentioned that, the right time to make purchase is during the period of discounted sale. The time has arrived for purchasing at a discounted rate. I am going to make the purchases for the future and thus making my next big leap.

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