Sunday, April 5, 2009

The difference between BJP and INC

I am currently affected by the election virus of India. This is my third political blog in the current series. For a change this time I am comparing the two renowned national parties Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Indian National Congress(INC).

The fundamental principles of INC is humanism and inclusive development. On the other hand BJP represents the country's majority community and centre-right in nature, the party advocates conservative social policies, self reliance, robust economic growth, foreign policy driven by a nationalist agenda, and strong national defense.

My view of INC is that the party follows free market led by globalization driven through exports. Incidentally BJP follows free market led by region based strategy through self sustainence. From a realist perspective it is understood that globalization is a myth.

An export driven market will fail during the time of crisis as other countries might tend to follow protectionist measure. On the other hand a consumption driven economy is the one that can survive any external financial turmoil irrespective of time line. This does not mean that a country will be isolated from global growth. The best example for this is the growth of Asian Tigers and China. These countries followed protectionist policies as opposed to the neo-liberal policies of IMF and World Bank. In current situation when IMF and G20 are seriously considering an alternative currency for Dollar in terms of SGN, strongly believe that Chinese Yuan should be included in the list of global currencies that have to back this newly designed currency.

The election manifesto of both the parties discuss the same issue namely Security, Governance and Development. The difference is seen only through the strategic policy formulation and implementation. As identified earlier INC formulate a strategy that is based on FDI and exports, while BJP formulate strategy that are based on domestic development and growth. Now the real question of whose policy includes the growth and development of aam admi raised among the public.

From my point of view both the strategy can lead us towards the success. But in graph theory I learnt something called shortest path algorithm. Considering human mentality the shortest path algorithm is very famous because human beings look for best solution with less input. Hence the public can make rational decision based opportunity for individual growth with less investment.

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