Thursday, February 19, 2009

Does Information Technology falls under Unskilled work

I was reading a management book about knowledge workers. Before I move ahead I have to explain what I mean by knowledge workers. Those workers who have analytical and logical thinking falls under this category. The Author mentioned about unskilled jobs among knowledge workers. This initiated my thought process regarding outsourcing and offshoring in IT.

In IT we have many different type of projects such as Development, Testing, Maintenance. Through my experience of working with various IT cos. I found that majority of development projects goes towards either foreign MNCs or offshored in their own land.

This leaves with what I claim to be unskilled jobs among knowledge workers that are outsourced to countries such as India. The reality shows that there are less or no products developed and marketed in India that is accepted globally. India is still acting as a follower of western counterparts when it comes even to the highly paid and rapid growth sector such as IT.

If I have to reflect from my personal experience with Foreign MNCs I can say they have a functionally divided organisational structure where India is their back office hub. These cos. use India to provide rapidly changing technological support for their application development or application maintenance.

Thus my claim is that India and its employee force need to change from this unskilled work towards skilled work. Though Indian IT work force are treated as Highly Skilled they are still unskilled among knowledge workers. This paritcular attitude was reflected among the western counterparts when I had discussion with them.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Beginning/End of Rainbow