Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Who is getting benefited out of power politics

Finally it is published that IPL (Version 2) is migrating its venue to South Africa from India. The reason for this is given as security issue. While IPL requested for the security of players Indian government rejected due to the security requirements for public ahead of Loksabha election. It is obvious that politics and public governance is of high priority than entertainment, and economics.

It should be accepted that IPL generates revenue to a greater extent. Due to IPL the sports and entertainment sector grows, media takes its priority due to the telecast rights, advertisements and sponsership enable revenue flow, hotel, tourism and restaurants generate profit due to the human traffic.

However, election and public governance is more important compared to these sectors; as majority of the stakeholders from these various industries are from private sector. These industries are not the priority of aam aadmi. These industries acts as a supporting environment for satisfying the basic needs of human being.

It is not be forgetten that due to the power politics played by the politicians and the IPL management, India is losing revenue and it is somebody else who is benefiting. It is not possible to postpone the general election. But it is possible to postpone the IPL by a fortnight or a month. What made IPL not to reconsider the schedule? Was there no unity between IPL and Indian politics? Didn't our politicians strong enough to negotiate with the private players?

Monday, March 16, 2009

How will I search my soul mate

The thought of searching a soulmate suddenly came in my mind when I started getting my friend's marriage invitation. So here is the solution that got its shape in my mind. I consider myself in the place of business leader and drafting this solution.

I am very assertive and if I got suppressed then will become openly agressive. If this agressiveness raises to a maximum level then I will burst out of anger and lose my critical thinking. Hence, in order to be rational I have to balance my anger and my openness. Thus, I have to find a person who respects other person's view preferably assertive. I am a participative in leading. Hence, if my soulmate is feminist or egalitarian then my style will fall apart and will lead to failure.

I have technological strength along with management knowledge. To define myself using a cliche "Jack of all trade, Master of none". Hence, I need a master in any one of area preferably finance which is not my area of expertise. With people focused strategy my style can take care of human resource and marketing, but will not adress the finance. Nevertheless, without a proper finance manager the organization of family is bound to fail. This leads me to conclude saying that I need to search for a finance minister. If I search for a personality with similar profile as mine the resources available with me will become abundant and as simple economics says as supply grows the price will go down. Also in order to manage a balance I need to invest in those skills that are not available with me and not in those resources that are available in plenty.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Travelling through time machine - History of India (North???)

During schooling time History was regarded as a boring subject by me. I never concentrated towards reading history. But as time goes on as a matured student my interest towards history rejuvenated again. The regards for this should go to Late Mr. Kalki. The novels written by Kalki (mainly historical novels) impressed me in reading history of India. This interest grow due to my international biz. studies. When I am reading about the political, legal and economical history of rest of the world, it is not right to isolate my own country and its history. However, I was searching for right book to start my reading. Incidentally, my search landed when I encountered the historical book written by Mr. Madhan.

The book gave me a different perspective about India. This showed how vulnerable was the kingdom of India to receive continuous attacks from its enemies. Even then the sad part is that the country failed in learning from its previous mistakes. A country with such a wealth is always vulnerable to attack. However, it is very sad to identify that none of the officials took interest in safeguarding this vast nation of wealth and opportunity.

It is very proud to find that Mother India never went on to acquire other nations in her 1000 yrs of history. However, it is sad that the country failed in consolidating her wealth and gave it away to foreigners. It includes the costliest wealth such as Kohinoor Diamond (which is still in England crowning Queen's head).

In current business scenario same situation is seen. This is an issue of concern for Indian business. Though we proudly say that the country is the youngest with skillful human resource, it is a matter of concern to ask are we utilizing it properly and safeguarding the resource from vulnerabilities such as cultural shock? From my point of view the need of the country at this point of time is the effective corporate governance with controlled capitalism and improved labour act.