Friday, October 23, 2009

Expectation as an interviewer

Once we all were worried about the job interviews. The department in my undergraduation used to arrange for mock interviews. These interviews are arranged by the senior batch for juniors. Mostly this occation is considered as a show off period or to embarrase the juniors. However, there are exceptions. Majority of the senior batch expects their juniors to perform at par with them. Hence they take this as an opportunity to mould the student to biz. scenario.

Today I am conducting interview for candidates with experience ranging from 5 years to 15 years. Having crossed the 50 interview mark, I am reflecting on what are the criteria I look for in a candidate to successfully clear the interview. The expectation varies based on the role and responsibility. However, there are few generic qualities that are expected. Reflecting from my experience I am listing them here.

Confidence, Assertiveness, Teamplay, clarity of thoughts, openness, lateral thinking, willingness to learn.

As the list is growing, I feel that I can write how I evaluate each and every quality in the subsequent blogs.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Original description of a project managed in a Fortune 500 company

Opposing Project Manager and his decisions.
Laughing against him at his worst humour sense.
Fight for employee rights in the organization.
Revealing the organizational politics created by Tech Lead.
Working when it is boring.
Checking yahoo and gmail.
Reading various online News papers.
Playing blame games with Maintenance and Infrastructure and Outsourcing teams.
Encouraging those who are not interested to work to behave in the same way.
Checking cricket scores and following other sports.
Disturbing those who are trying to work.