Sunday, January 17, 2010

Solar Eclipse 2010 - Jan 15

The date is now inscribed in the history of natural science as the world experienced the longest solar eclipse of the century. The full eclipse also called as Ring of fire lasted for around 7 min and 31 sec. The previous longest record was 7 min and 29 sec. The eclipse is called as ring of fire as when the full eclipse occured only the outer ring of sun was seen visible from earth which looked as a ring of fire.

I was feeling a sense of pride and anxiety to watch the nature's wonder of the century. I got an opportunity to watch the eclipse with the help of the specialized glasses meant to avoid the dangerous rays that might emanate from sun. As the eclipse started around 11.15 and lasted till 3.30 I was forced to miss my lunch :(. The reason was that people requested me not to consume anything during the eclipse period as the gravitational forces might vary during the period. I am honestly not aware of any change in the gravitational forces. I noted that majority of my friends had late lunch around 4 pm in the evening. I took the picture of the eclipse with the help of the mobile camera. I will try to upload it in the blog.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I am feeling dejected what can I do? Can I take new responsibility in my personal life? Will I be able to perform my tasks? Will I be able to take more responsibility? Can I survive in this competitive world?
The single mantra for all the questions mentioned above and more similar questions is "Confidence". From my part experience and a keen analysis of other's experience I make the interpretation that a unique kind of core competence is "self confidence". The same will act as competitive advantage when passion to win gets added with it. A confident individual with a passion to win though is not specialised in a specific area will tend to do research in the area. There by the individual can gain theoretical knowledge. With a little effort the same can be converted into practice. However on the other hand a person with more experience and less confidence will likely to ruin the proceedings as there is always a factor of doubt and fear of failure remains as a barrier.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ontology and Epistamology of my new year resolution

I wrote my first blog on this new year. The blog is about my new year resolution. After writing the blog I started thinking how I made these resolutions and how am I going to measure them. This thought made me realise the interesting facts about how I made my resolution.

I started the resolution with an apology. This is a typical way to make resolution as per Babylonian tradition. I read once that babylonians start the year with an apology resolution. A similar style is seen with the roman tradition. However, the romans make resolution not to hurt others. Hence, I adopted the style in my new year resolution. Another style is seen with the chinese where they start the year with a clean slate erasing all the old sins. Thus i my next inclusion is to adopt the style. Upon further reading I realised that majority of Indian population wants to perform something that they want to improve in life. This has made me to come up with the final two resolutions.

Now comes the burning question of how will I measure it. Is my resolution goals Simple. My resolutions are 1. not to repeat past mistakes, 2. Respect others, 3. Be organized, 4. Make efficient use of time. Thus I can say that my goals are simple. Can I measure them? ofcourse I can measure them as I know how many times I repeat the past mistakes. How many times I hurt others by not respecting their views. How many times I miss my target. How many times I waste time. Hence, I can measure them. Are they achievable? As the timeline is 365 days to acheive I can definitely achieve them to be a part of my habit. This again shows that I have got a time line which in this case is 365 days. Are they relavant to me? Yes as the goals can improve my habit in both personal and professional life.

Friday, January 1, 2010

My new year resolution.

Wish all d readers a very happy new year.

Hope I have started my new year blog with the right note. As a typical human being I would like to start this year with my new year oaths.

To start with I would like to apologies everybody if i had made any mistake in my past life. I would like to come out of my past sins and is willing to start my life in a clear slate. As majority of Indian say I would like to be more organized and make efficient use of my time in this new year. I hope I do not hurt any body. I wanna make others happy n wanna respect the feelings of others. I hope i can follow these resolutions and can make it a habit. I would request sincere help from all to make this resolutions a successful one.