Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nanda visits Rahul

Nanda visited his friend Rahul's house on a weekend. Rahul is working with IOB and is looking at the historical chart of his company. Neha is Rahul's wife and works as a Wealth Manager.

Rahul: Hi Nanda! welcome. It has been a long time since you visited my house.
Neha: Welcome Nanda. Your friend was just thinking of calling you.
Nanda: You are lucky that our telepathy has worked this time and I reached for your service Rahul. How is life going on.
Rahul: Life is great my friend. Today we celebrated Chitirai tirunal our traditional Tamil festival.
Nanda: Oh yeah. I have heard about this festival. What is special you are doing for this festival.
Neha: I am insisting him to invest a marginal amount into share market for our future.
Nanda: Good thought Neha. Have you got any specific scrip in your mind?
Neha: I asked Rahul to look at the possibilities related with IOB.
Nanda: Great suggestion. You are a treassure for your clients as you can make them rich through your stock ideas.
Rahul: Don't exaggerate Nanda. Is IOB really a good investment?
Nanda: You have better knowledge about the company as you work with it.
Rahul: Yeah I know about its past and current. IOB's core strength is its overseas business. Headoffice in Chennai. One of Indian bank with online transaction facility.
Neha: The stock traded around 160 when Sensex traded at 21k. Currently the scrip trades around 58.
Rahul: Nanda, do you think the stock has reached bottom to consider for investment at this point of time?
Nanda: The Scrip's MFI is currently at 80. This indicates that the scrip has bottomed out.
Neha: This is a good news. I see that the MCAD shows a trend reversal and is reaching towards the 0 level. This is again a signal of bullishness.
Nanda: Right said Neha. Even RSI indicates bullish signal as it is above 70.
Rahul: The long term view of the bank's operation is very good as it is having very good liquidity system. The bank's operations can improve even further. The bank has a better future in rural areas. The rural schemes are doing better.
Nanda: This is a good news Rahul. I am going to recommend this scrip for my clients.
Neha: I will wait for the sensex to correct as it moved north for 7 consecutive sessions. Once the market corrected I shall consider investing.
Rahul: I have no other choice other than to follow what boss (looks at Neha and grins) says or else I will be denied of my lunch today.
Neha: You Rahul! Shut up. Come on lets have our lunch. I am feeling hungry.
Nanda: Me too and going to enjoy the lunch today with you guys.


Toohey said...

Nanda: Me too and going to enjoy the lunch today with you guys.

mmm, I know you call yourself nanda :P

Sundara said...

Machi Secrete a velia solla koodathu.