Thursday, April 2, 2009

How effective is the usage of IT among Tamilnadu Political parties

The website has various branches that includes a separate section to tamil grammar. The site looks elegant and has been designed in tamil. The site has a good look and feel. The content includes the long lasting history of this party in Tamilnadu.

However, the website shows its hatred towards Brahmin community and towards the national language Hindi. Another issue to note is that there is no achievements mentioned under the past achievement list for the period from 2006-2008. Majority of data available in the website are old and has no current data.

Unlike DMK website this party has enabled multi language (Tamil and English with english as its primary language). However, the site lacks content. Except the Press Release none other tab has links. Even the press release section is not updated to hold current data and has content that are released during 2007. There is no mention regarding the party's policies, history, achievements.

Similar to AIADMK's website this party has enabled multi-language for viewing. The party has uploaded the site with content that attracts the leader. The site makes use of multimedia to a greater extent.
However, the site lacks elegancy in the website design and hence makes tougher for the reader. Due to this the reader might lose interest in browsing the site. There are some broken links seen in the website. The site has option to send feedback. I am currently testing this option I shall update soon.

The website of this party has good look and feel. However, the homepage shows pictures of those affected by natural calamity and terrorism. There is no mention why this occupies homepage. This seems that the party is concentrated towards Srilankan Tamil community.

Regarding the content posted in the site, the contents describe the history and achievements of an individual and no data available that is related to the party. Hence I am not able to understand how and why the party prevails in tamilnadu. I am also confused regarding whether this is a website of a political party or a private website of an individual with acting background.

I am not able to find the official website of this party.

This national party has a dedicated website for Tamilnadu. The site has been designed to view in english. However, the site is filled with excellent content and elegant design makes it easy for its reader. The history and reason tells the reader the existence of the party.

The website of this party has excellent design. However, there is no regional flavour to the site. The site given overall view of the nation.

I found difficult to track the national website of this party. There is no regional flavour to the site. The site lacks in content.

The website of this party has some good content. However, the site lacks in design and it makes difficult for the reader to find relavant data without struggling. The site lacks to provide regional flavour for the reader.


Shalini said...

Nice post... It would be good if you can post links to the various parties... so it will be useful while voting ;)

Sundara said...

Thanks Shalini for the valuable comment. I shall update my blog with the web address of all the parties.