Sunday, April 23, 2017

Water cycle

For the last few days people are discussing about Mr. Sellur Raju's action of trying to save water by covering with thermocol. People are saying that in Gujarat Mr. Modi saved evaporation of water by covering it with solar panels. America covers water through black floating balls.

Now I have a basic question for all. What is wrong if water evaporates? In schools while studying I was taught about water cycle. I am attaching a water cycle for all your reference.


Without evaporation from lakes and oceans feeding into the water cycle there is no steam in the air that can then condense. If condensation is not happening then the concept of raining will vanish. If there are no rains that means we do not have fresh water for general purpose.

The thought about water preservation and conservation is good. However, the measures we take to conserve water needs to change. There are some natural way of water conservation.

Digging of lakes, ponds, and canals, expansion of reservoirs to preserve rain water is a good source of natural water conservation methodology. With this kind of measure we need not have to worry about the water evaporation as we will have sufficient water reserved for the mankind to survive summer. 

Another conservation measure is to preserve ground water from contamination. Ground water contamination can happen through hazardous industrial chemicals, landfills, storage tanks, septic systems etc. By taking necessary steps to purify those contamination agents we can preserve ground water which will further attribute to a better water cycle.