Sunday, May 3, 2009

2109 love story

Today is 17th May ‘2109. 50th year of Neo-liberal celebration is in process. Yes India has declared itself as a capitalist country. The growth in IT sector has enabled India to enjoy the status of capitalist. The country is the land of opportunity. It has attracted almost all the firms from the rest of the world. India enjoys the status of being the only country to hold office of all the firms from around the world. The country enjoys having one of the head offices of the largest transnational organization “Troggle”.

Rahul works as a senior developer with Troggle. He has been working with the firm for almost 12 months now. Last night he gave a party celebrating his 12th month with this prestigious organization. He is currently living together with his girl friend Neha. She works with an Indian IT firm “Ginfy”. Outsourcing business has been booming since the early 21st century that almost all the Indian youth did a degree in IT. This has transformed the lifestyle in India.

Neha received an offer from WLO (World Labour Organization) a professional body that tells the country to generate the kind of labour force that is in need of the global industry. It has requested India to produce manpower with only IT background. As a result everybody in India studies IT and only IT industry has grown ever since. This WLO has offered Neha to work for them to study the global status of India and its younger generation to strategise plan for future so as to prepare a plan on generating proper labour force from this country. She is having tough time to make her decision to either accept the offer or to reject it. If she is accepting then the assignment expects her to spend more than 75% of her time in travelling to other countries. This might force her to stay away from Rahul. They are planning to get married at the earliest as to enter into the family culture. Neha has been using various techniques to avoid pregnancy and now is longing to have a family. If she rejects the offer then it requires courage as the project brings her prosperity and career growth. She should not feel guilty in future about her rejection. This makes the decision a tricky one.

What happens in their life? Is she accepting the offer from WLO? Stay tuned….


Toohey said...

ooh. nice start.

you know what ? i get reminded of "anthem" by this style of writing.

will wait for the update.

Sundara said...

Hey dude thanks for the comment. Can you give me reference to "anthem". I would like to read it.

Giridharan V said...


Nice writing, but one suggestion. In 2109 IT must be a historical occupation. World is going towards Wisdom Age from Information Age.

So try to shift the focus on Nanotechnology like molecular electronics, protein computers.

For reference read a book by Sujatha, called "Nanotechnology".

Moreover your article "Is “Matrix” the American version of writer Sujatha’s novel “En eniya iandira”?" is too good. I put it that in Orkut with reference to your blog.


Sundara said...

Thanks for your comments Giri. I shall consider shifting towards Nanotechnology. However, I thought it is the era of virtual reality.

Giridharan V said...

Even though you ae not shifing to nanotechnology, atleast use here and there.