Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Love Story 2109 Chapter 2

The friends of Neha and Rahul describe them as tit for tat couple because of their similarity in thoughts and behaviour. They both are assertive, flexible and friendly. They challenge others and try hard to do what others say impossible. This has made them exceptional personality from the rest of the crowd. Their initial meeting (rather accidental meeting) is an example of this.

This happened a few years back when Rahul and Neha joined university. Neha was supposed to do research on organizational business environment. She pluged in her new ipod that purchased a few weeks ago to her wrist. The company has existed for more than a century and is producing music players that can substitute ornaments and sell it as a branded item specially in India. It is understood that Indian women are very fond of wearing ornaments for centuries and this company has made use of it in their business.

Neha faced challenge in identifying pattern in business environment during early 21st century. All her friends said that the business environment during those periods were messy and is not suitable to conduct any research. But Neha worked hard to identify a pattern. This is the time when she first met Rahul in a digital cloud journey.

Rahul was researching upon the financial tumults occurred in the past to to strengthen the global system. The world has faced many financial crisis in the past almost on an average once in a decade. It is identified that there is a specific pattern being followed in creating havoc. Rahul’s work is to contribute to strengthen the system by studying the pattern and to formulate regulations against repeating such an action. He landed in the same digital cloud as that of Neha.

What is digital cloud? How did Neha met Rahul?

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