Sunday, January 17, 2010

Solar Eclipse 2010 - Jan 15

The date is now inscribed in the history of natural science as the world experienced the longest solar eclipse of the century. The full eclipse also called as Ring of fire lasted for around 7 min and 31 sec. The previous longest record was 7 min and 29 sec. The eclipse is called as ring of fire as when the full eclipse occured only the outer ring of sun was seen visible from earth which looked as a ring of fire.

I was feeling a sense of pride and anxiety to watch the nature's wonder of the century. I got an opportunity to watch the eclipse with the help of the specialized glasses meant to avoid the dangerous rays that might emanate from sun. As the eclipse started around 11.15 and lasted till 3.30 I was forced to miss my lunch :(. The reason was that people requested me not to consume anything during the eclipse period as the gravitational forces might vary during the period. I am honestly not aware of any change in the gravitational forces. I noted that majority of my friends had late lunch around 4 pm in the evening. I took the picture of the eclipse with the help of the mobile camera. I will try to upload it in the blog.


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