Friday, January 1, 2010

My new year resolution.

Wish all d readers a very happy new year.

Hope I have started my new year blog with the right note. As a typical human being I would like to start this year with my new year oaths.

To start with I would like to apologies everybody if i had made any mistake in my past life. I would like to come out of my past sins and is willing to start my life in a clear slate. As majority of Indian say I would like to be more organized and make efficient use of my time in this new year. I hope I do not hurt any body. I wanna make others happy n wanna respect the feelings of others. I hope i can follow these resolutions and can make it a habit. I would request sincere help from all to make this resolutions a successful one.

1 comment:

Ramakrishnan said...

sure, what help can i be of ? :P

happy new year mama