Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I am feeling dejected what can I do? Can I take new responsibility in my personal life? Will I be able to perform my tasks? Will I be able to take more responsibility? Can I survive in this competitive world?
The single mantra for all the questions mentioned above and more similar questions is "Confidence". From my part experience and a keen analysis of other's experience I make the interpretation that a unique kind of core competence is "self confidence". The same will act as competitive advantage when passion to win gets added with it. A confident individual with a passion to win though is not specialised in a specific area will tend to do research in the area. There by the individual can gain theoretical knowledge. With a little effort the same can be converted into practice. However on the other hand a person with more experience and less confidence will likely to ruin the proceedings as there is always a factor of doubt and fear of failure remains as a barrier.

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