Saturday, August 15, 2009

Culture in my view

Off late I heard this word Culture again and again from various people I came across. This made me think what this buzz word culture is all about. Is this related with the way I live or dress? Is it related with what I do or think? Is it related with what I speak, write, read, eat? What is the definition of this term culture?

As I started thinking deeply, I realized that neither I can culture nor can touch it. However, I can feel it through the way I behave, speak, think, read, write, eat, and dress. The list is not limited to what I have noted down here. Accidentally, all these items listed are related with each other. The relation happens through the values I hold and the believes I have. These values and believes form the cognitive sense of an individual thus it is related with human psychology. So does this mean culture is related with human psychology?

If I consider my culture is related with human psychology, what are the factors that contribute towards my cultural values? As I am born in India (Tamilnadu, Tirunelveli District) will it affect my cultural values? I pursued my studies in more than five schools. Will they have any contribution towards shaping my beliefs? I traveled across India and met many new people. Do they contribute in any way towards shaping my cultural aspect? Will my parents, relatives, society and friends influence in my cultural values?

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