Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Looking back in my life

I now graduated with an MBA. Looking back at what has happened in my life in the past few months since I landed in India, I am surprised to see the amount of action involved.

It is now history that I landed in Mumbai the financial hub of India. The stay in Mumbai helped me a lot to get adjusted with the Indian culture. As all says Indian culture is very different from an western culture specially girls :) . Mumbai has helped me in my cultural adjustment.

Then started my tour around South India. The next location in my itenary was Chennai. When I landed in the place I realized that Singara Chennai has became Chennai after losing its singaram. As general public speak me too suffered due to the weather change. The heat in Chennai was difficult to handle. The same type of weather was seen in Madurai and Tirunelveli the other places I visited. However, the change in culture is a point to mention. The realization is that though the above mentioned places are part of Tamil Nadu the culture prevailing in these places are different. I cannot ignore the similarity in culture. As I moved towards Kerala the weather was pleasant and the type of welcome I received was excellent. I found that there is a friendly culture prevailing in this part of India similar to Mumbai.

The reforms in financial sector and the volatile nature of Indian stock market are be considered as key issues in India. Again as in the past government has came up with a scheme and is now making some adjustment to the same. I feel that it is now time to change this sort of misjudgments. A decision made in favor of public should not be adjusted to satisfy a few stakeholders for financial gains.

Apart from these issues the most scary problem is SWINE flue. People are very scared of the pandemic disease. Nevertheless, forget not that people are not aware of the precautionary measures. Cleanliness is still a question among general public be it literate or illiterate. The situation is better among illiterate and villagers. The are more clean and their lifestyle is far more matured compared with the literate.

I mourn for the sudden demise of Andhra CM. This shows how vulnerable our Airforce is. The Jet employees strike shows that the management is to learn from past mistakes to make a turnaround and to become globally competitive.

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