Saturday, May 1, 2010

Analysts' perspective of Global Economics

US Sub-prime crisis has reached an end now. India Inc is gaining confidence to grow its business to generate profitability and show growth.

Ohhh what a timing for the market. Now sovereign debt crisis is in the market. Already the stock market experienced a rolar-coaster ride this week. The market was weak due to the global economic imbalance caused due to the fear of sovereign crisis. It was expected that the crisis might affect all the countries as almost all the countries rearranged economic situation during sub-prime crisis and provided easy money throughout the period. Now due to this generous spending by govt. it is criticized that there is less money or huge debt piling up with each country.

As a layman it is interpreted that these Analysts are more cynic that they are not able to accept whatever is available in front of their eyes and instead they think of a situation which is expected not to occur. Is this a reaction due to the education they had or is it due to the inability to think long???

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