Sunday, March 8, 2009

Travelling through time machine - History of India (North???)

During schooling time History was regarded as a boring subject by me. I never concentrated towards reading history. But as time goes on as a matured student my interest towards history rejuvenated again. The regards for this should go to Late Mr. Kalki. The novels written by Kalki (mainly historical novels) impressed me in reading history of India. This interest grow due to my international biz. studies. When I am reading about the political, legal and economical history of rest of the world, it is not right to isolate my own country and its history. However, I was searching for right book to start my reading. Incidentally, my search landed when I encountered the historical book written by Mr. Madhan.

The book gave me a different perspective about India. This showed how vulnerable was the kingdom of India to receive continuous attacks from its enemies. Even then the sad part is that the country failed in learning from its previous mistakes. A country with such a wealth is always vulnerable to attack. However, it is very sad to identify that none of the officials took interest in safeguarding this vast nation of wealth and opportunity.

It is very proud to find that Mother India never went on to acquire other nations in her 1000 yrs of history. However, it is sad that the country failed in consolidating her wealth and gave it away to foreigners. It includes the costliest wealth such as Kohinoor Diamond (which is still in England crowning Queen's head).

In current business scenario same situation is seen. This is an issue of concern for Indian business. Though we proudly say that the country is the youngest with skillful human resource, it is a matter of concern to ask are we utilizing it properly and safeguarding the resource from vulnerabilities such as cultural shock? From my point of view the need of the country at this point of time is the effective corporate governance with controlled capitalism and improved labour act.

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