Monday, March 16, 2009

How will I search my soul mate

The thought of searching a soulmate suddenly came in my mind when I started getting my friend's marriage invitation. So here is the solution that got its shape in my mind. I consider myself in the place of business leader and drafting this solution.

I am very assertive and if I got suppressed then will become openly agressive. If this agressiveness raises to a maximum level then I will burst out of anger and lose my critical thinking. Hence, in order to be rational I have to balance my anger and my openness. Thus, I have to find a person who respects other person's view preferably assertive. I am a participative in leading. Hence, if my soulmate is feminist or egalitarian then my style will fall apart and will lead to failure.

I have technological strength along with management knowledge. To define myself using a cliche "Jack of all trade, Master of none". Hence, I need a master in any one of area preferably finance which is not my area of expertise. With people focused strategy my style can take care of human resource and marketing, but will not adress the finance. Nevertheless, without a proper finance manager the organization of family is bound to fail. This leads me to conclude saying that I need to search for a finance minister. If I search for a personality with similar profile as mine the resources available with me will become abundant and as simple economics says as supply grows the price will go down. Also in order to manage a balance I need to invest in those skills that are not available with me and not in those resources that are available in plenty.

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