Thursday, January 22, 2009

Movie Review - Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire a movie directed by foreigner having a theme of Mumbai Slums. The movie received awards for best performance in many areas of film making.Kudos to A. R. Rehman for receiving award for his originality in music.

The movie depicts the real picture of India and specifically Mumbai. The story line revolves around the hero who wins 2 Million in a TV competition. The movie starts by criticizing the organisational structure of Indian BPOs. The movie criticises the craze for Actors in India among public through the question, The next theme followed was the Hindu-Muslim revolts happening in the city, the other themes identified are the working pattern of Indian call centre and the way they attend calls. This is clearly comes from the client perspective and the director didnot miss the opportunity to register his mark of being a Scottish by including Edinburgh in the dialogue.

Another perspective to look at is the importance given towards vocational studies instead of regular engineering studies. The hero who is uneducated according to industry standards knows more than the educated professionals. This is clearly due to the knowledge gained through experience and not through theoretical education. Thus it is said that the indirect message is the need for vocational education. The country is gifted with knowledge work force and it depends on the government to utilize them properly to boost the internal growth of the country. It can even take a protectionist policy for doing the same instead of being a mere exploiter of the neo-liberal policies set by the international organisations.

Overall the movie has a very good message with a good storyline that mixes all the facts and events properly. However, the world should keep in mind that this story depicts just one culture that prevails in India and cannot generalise this to the whole Indian community.

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