Saturday, January 10, 2009

Eic in the land of nature

Long ago in the forest of highland there lived an elephant named Eic. Majority of the time the forest was filled with white snow and devoid of food. Eic and the other jungle animals struggled to live their life. One day, Eic came across a fox who returned after touring around the world. The fox described the land to have rivers flowing through the forest without drowning. The land had right mix of climate suitable for the animals to live without the fear of famine. The land is full of trees and plants. The fragrance of the flowers filled the forest. The animals consumed the fruits available in the forest. Some of the fruit tasted sweet, while some tasted sour. Nevertheless, they tasted very good. The animals seem to live a healthy life due to the atmosphere. This was unlike the forest of highland where they had dust. Fox said that this is truly a land of luxurious life where the animals lived in peace with nature blessing them with all the basic needs of their life. Eic got very much impressed with this new found land and wanted to visit it once.

As the highland forest administration insisted on Eic’s safety he sent his administration general first to have a close look at the security features in that forest. After touring in the forest of nature the administration general returned and informed Eic that there is no safety hazard in the land of nature and all the jungle animals lived without any fear and without any security breaches.

Eic started preparing his tour to the land of nature and reached the place. He got surprised with the lifestyle of the animals and requested the academic generals who accompanied him to study their lifestyle and behaviour. The scholars started their mission of studying the behaviour of animals in this new found land. Meanwhile Eic went around the country and made friends. The animals in highland consumed a drink made of some fruits to keep them out of cold weather. Eic served this drink to the new found friends of him. The drink tasted good; however, it brought some sort of dizziness to the animals.

The scholars returned to their homeland and started teaching the fellow animals how to live and grow. Meanwhile the animals in the land of nature found these friends from highland to be very funny and started admiring them. They thought the guests were more advanced in their lifestyle and started noticing the external fashion. While the animals in highland learnt the way to lead a better life, the animals in the land of nature learnt the fashion style of highland. Hence, both the forests made transformation in their lifestyle.

After 62 years, Eic returned to the land of nature and found that the land has changed a lot post his last visit. The land was no more the land of nature he once saw. Instead it became a land of mess with animals fighting with one another and mostly confused with less confidence and devoid of knowing their own strength. Eic lost his scope of visiting this land again wrote in his diary “To lead a better life is always necessary to critically analyse the behaviour before practicing it.”

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