Friday, September 10, 2010

Remembering my teachers

This month I got an opportunity to read the book of Sudha Murthy Wise and Otherwise. Fortunately on 5th of September I read the chapter related to teachers and Gurukul methodology of teaching. This triggered my thoughts about the teachers who groomed me throughout the student life. I am not able to remember all the teachers. However, I still remember a few.

My first tribute is for a teacher who taught me how to act and dance. She was then from a small town working as a teacher for the KG students. I am not aware of her whereabouts now. I take this opportunity for thanking her for showing me how to lead a lively life.

Next I remember a history teacher. Before I continue further I would like to make a disclaimer that I was not much interested in reading history subjects. He had the natural tendency to grab the attention of students in his class. I consider him as my role model for attracting the students.

Now I want to remember and thank my maths teachers (Kanthimathi, Renganathan, Ramasamy). They molded my analytical thinking and created interest in mathematics.

Lastly Keith Halcro, John Penlington, Siva Sockhalingam, Angela, and Kate Lanka transformed me into a business personality. I thank all my teachers today for all the efforts they invested in developing me as a unique personality.

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