Friday, April 2, 2010

Personal growth and team performance

Hey buddy can you upgrade the system available in the xxx server. Yeah sure, I can do that. Nevertheless I am waiting for the go ahead signal from abc. He has sent me the mail already. Can you fwd the mail. You are there in the mail chain. No I am not there in the mail chain. See this is the mail I received (Actually the mail is from somebody else for another activity). Alright I shall do what ever you say (You are not going to listen to me even if I try to explain. You just want to give me some work even if there is no work. You think that I am soo dumb that I will trust your words. Unfortunately I donot trust you because of this behaviour).

Hi mate, there is a P1 issue raised in the server stating that there is an issue created due to the upgrade process we started. Your name comes into picture as we are using your id for the activity. I mentioned that I am waiting for the go ahead from the person abc for this upgrade process. You forced me to do it saying that he sent a mail. Now that a P1 issue was raised whatever activity we did today goes waste. Over and above it creates a negative impression about the team here to others. We could have avoided this situation had we trusted each other atleast professionally. From my past experience with you I understand that you work for your personal growth and give a damn about others. You want to make use of them. Arguable you are not concerned about their personal growth and success. This makes you a below average manager. You might perform better had u been concentrated on developing these skills. Its high time you start looking into this.

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