Sunday, November 29, 2009

Society and human values

Today I had a chance to have a conversation with an Indian parent. This conversation triggered a series of thoughts within me. As a parent are we aware of our final goal? How are we going to identify the uniqueness within our child? Are we going to develop our child according to our interest? Is it right to impose our dreams into child's life? How are we going to identify the interest of child?
As an Indian parent are we really paying attention towards our child's interest? If we say yes, then why are we facing conflict in parent child relationship. If the answer is no, when are we going to change our attitude related to this? What ever we claim as our cultural values are they truely reflecting our culture or we are just looking at the outer layer that is visible to naked eyes and claim it as our culture? Are we not paying attention towards the root cause? Is it because of the educational system that we follow? If yes, when are we going to change this? Are we going to leave our kids the same environment or are we going to create a better world to live?
I am currently in the process of exploring these areas to identify atleast one solution that can improve the society for future.