Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dreaming about big dreams of life

Its quite unfortunate for me as I was not able to write a blog for some times now. The main reason was terrorism in its varied form. The terrorism of drug addicts and robery made me lose my precious laptop which acted as my wife since I bought it with my second month salary drawn in Dubai. Leaving apart the sympathy I want to shout about the dreams about the big dreams I have in life and how I move towards it.

Leaders of modern world such as Dr. Abdul Kalam, and Mr. Ratan Tata asks people to start dreaming about future. In management we used to say every company is having a purpose to exist. The words of these leaders reiterates the point that organizations can be termed as organisms as mentioned by Morgan. They have life on its own like human beings. So taking lessons from organizations an individual can have a purpose to survive. This brings us to a conclusion of having a long term aim and a path to follow to achieve it.

My aim is to improve my society in intellectual capacity. When I say my society it greatly means my land of interest where I want to settle after say 40 years. The path I want to follow is to start a business. By starting business I can generate job opportunities for many people and can generate revenue to the country. By generating job opportunities I become responsible for the financial growth in those families. When a family gets financial freedom, it helps in improving the standard of living. As the living standard improves it triggers the quality of life and education. This generates a strong knowledge base within those families. This inturn become responsible to improve the intellectual capacity of the society.

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